Saturday, July 03, 2004

Happy Saturday!!

Today I took my friend Leila for her birthday (which is really not until August) to the musical "Movin' Out" It was so awesome! The music is all Billy Joel songs and the dancers act out a story to the music. I swear those dancer guys has the best butts I have ever seen! It was really good and Leila was so excited I took her!

Other than that, came home and had take out Chinese with the family. Tomorrow I am cooking since people are coming over here. So nice to not have to go anywhere when you have a small child. This way she will be in her own environment and I will not have to make sure so doesn't get into anything at someone's house. We are going to BBQ and I think I will make sausage and peppers- Yummy! I also hope we can see some fireworks. Just isn't the 4th of July without them!

I hope everyone has a good time tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!