Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Just One of Those Days

Today I wish I had wings and I could fly right out of here!  Ever feel like that??  I slept horrible last night and have no clue why.  I am hosting a surprise baby shower tomorrow for a friend of mine so maybe deep inside I am stressed about it.  I didn't think I was and it is a pot luck so it is not like I have to do much.  I think tonight is a two beer night so I can fall into a blissful sleep :)
Has anyone watch the show
Airline on the A&E Network?  I caught a marathon a couple Sundays ago and I watched it last night.  It is a reality show about airport employees for Southwest Airlines.  That has to be the worst job ever!  We fly Southwest when it is a quick trip somewhere, but I could never imagine flying it for more then 2 hours.  Anyway, it is a very interesting show- one to watch :)
It is so hot here today, but I am craving chili so that is what I am making for dinner.  It is one of the hubby's favorites.  Also when you have the air conditioning on all day, I have no clue how hot it is outside, so it will be good to eat.  I am also thinking of making something with lime
Jello.  Sounds so cool and refreshing :)
Well I hope everyone is having a good day!
Thanks for reading!