Thursday, July 15, 2004

Nothing Really to Report

Is it just me or is blogger a little different today?  I can change font and colors today- never noticed it before.  Well anyway, nothing to really say today.  I did noticed that I have all of this hits on here, but no one likes to comment :(  I love to read what people say so don't be shy- let me know :)  
So I did some cleaning today! So exciting my life is.  I am trying to be good since I am spending money on decorating the house.  That way Jon will never noticed that I have bought something new because he will be blinded by the sparkling clean floor.  Well that is my hope anyway.   When I was growing up my mom would buy stuff and then take the tags off and put it in the laundry basket like it was just clean clothes.  Or she would make my dad something extra special for dinner and then break the news to him about what she bought.  I am not that bad.  I do ask if I can spend, but sometimes I don't.  So I think there is nothing wrong with buttering up the husband a little :) 
I am thinking about trying to make Dim Sum this weekend.  I love it so much!  Here is a recipe that I found from Tyler Florence.  Looks so good!  If anybody has made Dim Sum before I would be interested in knowing any tips or recipes :)

Hope you all had a good day!!
Thanks for reading!