Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What a Difference a Day Makes!!

So much better today! I am not sure if yesterday was the lack of sleep from the night before or that I was so sore from painting all weekend. Whatever it was had passed- thank god :) Anyway, the whole downstairs in finally finished and we love it. There are so spots that need touch up, but that is the easy part. The color is a little darker than I thought, but it totally works! I also got my side table I ordered from the Bombay Company so the living room is coming together!

It is so hot here today! We had such a mellow June that I think we are making up for it now. I have to turn my air on at 8 am and it runs till we go to bed. There is a $300 electric bill waiting for me I just know it. I am going to take Julia swimming today to try and beat the heat. Maybe I will get a little tan out of it :)

Julia also said "I love you" for the first time this weekend. It was so cute that I think my husband got tears in his eyes. So has been an angel (hope I just didn't jinx myself) this last week that I want to hug her all day long. It is so amazing when they start to talk like a kid instead of a baby. I can not wait for her to grow up, yet I miss the baby in her too :)

Well I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!