Thursday, June 24, 2004

So today was pretty much the same as yesterday- sick and more sick. I did manage to get out of the house which is good for my mood. Julia is also taking a really long nap so that helps :)

So since I really have nothing else to talk about today I thought I would list the things that I love in hopes of helping me get out of my funk.

I love...
My family
cold coke
hot showers
peanut butter and chocolate anything
fried chicken
flip flops
pina coladas
getting my toes done
new shoes
Julia's laugh
"When Harry Met Sally"

Okay those are just a few. That did make me feel a bit better. Maybe I should find something I love and either do it or eat it!

Well I hope everyone Thursday was super!

Thanks for reading!


Ps I did get excepted into the Blogging Mommies web ring- cool beans!