Thursday, June 10, 2004

So I just want to rant a little bit right now. I was called for jury duty yesterday and I noticed that they are getting tough on excuses to get out of it. Well then I also noticed that there was no excuse for being the primary care taker in the household. There is an excuse of being a nursing mom, but what if you are not nursing anymore? They also provide child care if your child is three or older and potty trained. So basically, since my child is not nursing anymore and is not 3 or potty trained, I have to go to jury duty. Does that make any sense? I am amazed that California does not have a some kind of law that allows mothers who stay at home or those with children under the age of three to be exempt from jury duty. Doesn't seem right.

Okay that is my gripe for today. I will tell you though I did fib and say I was a nursing mom. What are they going to do- check???