Friday, June 11, 2004

Ever have one of those days that you need a cocktail before happy hour?? Well I am having one of those I can not decided if I should drink or run away! Actually this whole week has kinda been like that. And to think that a 2 year old child could make me feel this way! Am I a terrible mother??

Julia had swim lessons today and she really enjoys them, but something went wrong today that made her freak out! No clue what is was, but for the whole 45 min. class she screamed and cried. I should have left, but then the cheapness in me was like "You paid for it you better go." So I was so frustrated when we left! Now that Julia is napping I feel bad for being that way. Aw the joys of motherhood :) Maybe there is a good movie on Lifetime that will help clear my head. The women on those movies always have way bigger problems. Those movies are also good to fold laundry to!

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday!

Thanks for reading