Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I don't know where all my money goes...Well maybe I do!

I have this problem with the store Target or maybe I just have a shopping problem. It just seems like everytime I go in there I come out with a whole bunch of crap and it cost me $100! Well I went today and bought a whole bunch of stuff, but of course forgot the one thing I went in for. I hate that. I think I will start a support group for Target shoppers- anyone care to join?

Today Julia was a perfect angel which just means that I am in for it tomorrow. I think that when kids are 2 they allow themselves a couple days a week to be good. Just enough so you don't give them away when they are naughty. I love the good days- makes me just want to kiss her all day long!

Well I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! Thanks for reading!