Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Do you ever think that sometimes your kid might be weird? Or that things that they do are so odd that they leave you wondering "why do they do that?" Well mine has this new obsession with sprinklers and the hose. Like she just wants to stand in front of them and get wet or she just wants to carry around the hose even when it is off. I find this odd, but then at the same time maybe it means that she will be a fire person some day or she will love to garden. I don't know, but she throws a fit if I try to remove her from the sprinkler or hose. Oh well, I sure next week it will be something else!

I was reading my mags (as usual) and I found this recipe for Ginger Lime Coconut Cake with Marshmellow frosting from Bon Appetit. Sounds so good I almost ate the page. Here is a pic! Enjoy!

Have a good Tuesday!