Sunday, November 14, 2004


As you can see from my title, nothing too exciting going on around here. Jon and I did manage a whole day to ourselves yesterday and it was great! He even suggested that we go to the mall and shop. I almost spit out my coffee yesterday morning. I asked several times if he was serious being that I don't think Jon has been to the mall in like 2 years. Well he was and I swear we shopped like rockstars! Why is it when it is your husbands idea it is okay to spend a lot of money? But if I was to go and spend $100 on a pair of shoes (I got some yesterday and they are soooo cute) the Husband Police comes and interrogates me for 2 hours? Of course I am totally exaggerating, but sometimes it can feel like that. So I took full advantage of Jon and the mall yesterday. We also ate lunch together and got to have an adult conversation. I miss those :) It is great when poop, Barney, diaper rash, and snotty noses don't enter into a conversation. I think we actually talked about politics!! It was a nice day and I love my mom for suggesting that she come out and watch Julia so we could do it.

Well I hope you guys are having a great weekend. Thanks for reading!