Tuesday, November 09, 2004


So nice to be home. Isn't it funny you can't wait to leave, but then you can't wait to get home once you are there? I think it is because we have the best bed in the world so it has spoiled us for any other bed we sleep on. Julia also had another ear infection flare up this weekend so she was not feeling so good. I had to take her to the doctor when we got back yesterday for antibiotic shots. Other than that we had an awesome time. My niece is the best baby ever!! In the three days we were there I think she may have cried for a half a second. My SIL is very lucky. Julia cried all the time the first three months of her life. Makes me a little jealous to tell you the truth. Hopefully our next kid (whenever that happens) takes some lessons from baby Isabella :)

Well that is about it. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I will post something more worth your time tomorrow. I am just so uneventful lately. Thanks for reading!