Thursday, November 04, 2004

Back to Normal

Alright so I am done with the whole political thing- what can I do about?? Nothing, so as of right now I am going back to ranting about my life. Aw I feel like I can breathe so much better now.

So we are going to the bay area this weekend to visit my In-laws. I also get to see my niece for the first time and I am so excited! Another plane trip for Julia so lets hope that she is good. Is it true though they don't have to be in a car seat on the plane?? If that is true then I checking the car seat instead of lugging it all over the place. It is unbelievable all the crap you have to take when you travel with a child. I used to be able to carry a small bag that fit in the overhead compartment. Now I have to bring the whole house in hopes that we didn't forget anything! It still is nice though to get away for a few days.

Well as you can see my life is not so exciting this week. Hope everyone has a great Thursday. Thanks for reading!


PS What happenend to all my comments? For a moment there I felt popular :)