Saturday, October 02, 2004

Not So Good

The last two days have been kinda tough. I think I have been good at handling things, but I guess we will see. Luckily I am not anywhere near my period because then I think my husband and daughter would have to move out just to get away from me. First thing, my Grandpa died on Thursday night. This was my dad's father and we were not very close, but still I am sad. We all know it was for the best since he has been very sick for a long time. My guilt has also gotten the best of me since I have not seen him in about a year. I just hope Karma is not listening :) second, Jon has had such a tough week at work. It is hard when your husband comes home from something like that (especially if his mood sucks!) Hopefully hanging out this weekend will put him right! If it doesn't then I am moving out instead!!!

Sorry for such a sad post. It is funny, but I have not been this blue for a long time. My SIL better have my niece this weekend so I have something to smile about (no pressure Gabrielle) Thanks for reading! All of you rock!