Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Ass Kicking

I went to my first training appointment and it is a amazing I can actually sit in this chair!!! I was at the gym for an hour and 45 min.! Darrin (my trainer) had me work my whole body with weights. Half way through I thought I was going to die. I also had to weigh myself which, one is a terrible thing to do and two, I didn't weigh as much as I thought. Don't get me wrong, the number is quite big, but I thought it was like 20 lbs. more than it said. So now not only am I am going to work out, but I have go on some kind of diet too. Yippee!! I am going to be so much fun these coming months- NOT! Hey at least it is an excuse for me to be a bitch sometimes. Gotta love that :)

Julia also did not fuss at all last night when we put her to bed. The night before it was for about a minute or so, but last night nothing! I could feel the stress leave my body after 10 minutes of silence. She also did not cry when I dropped her off at school this morning. Maybe she was going through something and she got over it. Let's hope that is the case.

Such a "All About Me" post today. I don't want to talk about the debates-makes me crazy! And I have nothing else going on in this exciting life if mine. So I hope you are all having a good Thursday! Thanks for reading.