Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yes I am Blonde

Yesterday, Julia and I went to the mall so I could spend a ridiculous amount of money on skin care products. You see, I am not a zit girl and now that I have zits I am freaking out :) Anyway, I drove home, took Julia out of the car along with my purchases, changed my clothes, got Julia ready for a nap, and then noticed I could not find my keys. Well it is the next day and after a whole search of the house the keys are no where to be found. Today I will try again, but how is it a key ring with like 8 keys, a key chain with a little Hagrid (yes from Harry Potter), and a gym membership tag disappear into thin air? I am trying to think positive, then I think about the possibility they were on my car somewhere and when I left again yesterday with my spare key they flew off on the road. Does anyone have psychic abilities and are willing to help me find my keys? I am seriously considering buy a metal detector too! I am so lost!