Wednesday, July 20, 2005


It is so freaking hot here I think that I am going to melt into a big pile of skin. Doesn't that sounds super gross? Anyway, playgroup day is Wednesdays and today we resorted to taking the kids to the air conditioned playground at McDonald's. I used to be a big fan of fast food, but ever since I have been on a diet I was kinda grossed out. Today was different. Julia can eat a whole cheeseburger in one sitting which is good considering she eats nothing. I, on the other hand could eat those french fries till I was blue in the face. What do they do to those fries? I heard they used to fry them in animal fat- is that true? Whatever they do to them they are soooo good! So bad for me I know, but when can I start blaming those bad cravings on the baby?

What is your favorite fast food?


PS My grandma's husband is still fighting so that is always a good thing. Thanks for the advice- it means a lot to me you guys care :)