Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Do you have one of those friends that you know you could call up at any time of day and just vent to? Or one that will honesty tell you if your butt looks too big in those pants? Well I have one of those and no matter what we have ever gone through she is always there for me. I met Summer in 5th grade and we didn't like each other very much. She is going to hate me for saying this, but Summer was a little boy crazy :) It seems even in 5th grade there was some kind of drama and we ended up not being friends at all. Then I signed up for drama class freshman year in high school. We were assigned to do a play and had to pick partners. Summer and I ended up doing a small scene together along with 2 other people. From that day on we were attached at the hip. It is like we are part of each other's families we know each other that well. Her parents even took me to Alaska with them when we were 16 for 2 weeks. Then my parents took her to Disneyworld with us when were 17. Lets just say we have been through a lot.

I just wanted to write this post to let her know how much I appreciate the love and support she has given me over the years. And now that I am going to have another baby she is just as excited as I am and that makes me so happy. So Summer I love you so much and I am so glad that we have managed to stay the best of friends for 15 years. I owe you my husband (that is a whole other story) and I think we have done pretty well for ourselves. I hope that when we are old and grey you will still come over and look at our yearbooks and giggle over people from high school :)

Love ya,

PS Yes now with all the hormones floating around I get a little sentimental :)