Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I need some help and I figured who are the best people to ask- my blog friends. Anyway, my grandma married a great gentleman about 4 years ago. This was her third marriage and her second husband died. Well now Tom (her current husband) is in the hospital and his chances are not good. It saddens me because he is so good to my grandma and she does not need this to happen to her again. The other thing is Julia absolutely adores Tom. She talks about him all the time and whenever she sees him she is attached to his hip. Jon and I discussed whether or not we tell her that he died if he does. I think that if she knows then she will not expect him to be there when she visits, but Jon thinks that it will just confuse and upset her. Now she is 3 and she may not get it, but I want her to be able to know that he is in a good place. So my question for you is- Do you think we should tell her if he passes? And if we do what do we tell her?

Thanks you guys!