Wednesday, April 19, 2006


*If you like being a mom and you never complain about it then don't read this post. I am a new mom again so I think I have every right to complain :)

This is how my day is going so far:

- Was up for almost 3 hours last night with a baby who refused to close her eyes. I would rock, walk around, pat the butt, sing, pat the back- EVERYTHING!! So around 3:47 am I just put her in her crib and she fell asleep on her own. Shit if I had known that I would have done it 3 hours ago :)

-Was super late dropping Julia off at school. It is a bitch to get yourself and 2 kids ready for the day. Especially when one has hair that you have to comb out. That in it's self is a 15 minute ordeal! Was in the car for about 10 min when the baby decided to go poop. Had to go home and change her. Then she barfed on me. Had to change myself.

-I think I am going to get Julia's ears checked because we seem to have an listening problem in this house OR I just like saying the same thing over and over again.

-My skin is breaking out and it makes me very sad. Aren't I 30? Not 15 :)

Alright I am done. I promise to be more positive. I think I am going to talk to my doctor on Monday (6 week check-up) and see if he thinks I might need something for my anxiety. Maybe just a cocktail or two tonight will help :)