Friday, April 28, 2006


I think I have mentioned before that I do not breastfeed Samantha. This was a personal choice since I had such a terrible time with Julia. I suffered a lot with her and tried my hardest- it just didn't work. I realized that at the time I was very miserable and I didn't want to project those feelings towards my child, so why just make her happy and get her fed :) So with Samantha I breastfed in the hospital and when I got home I gave her a bottle. She is doing really well with it so I am happy and she is happy. Anyway, I have this "friend" who is the biggest advocate for breastfeeding. She has a 4 month old who she keeps strapped to her boob at all times. I recently visited her and she made me feel very guilty for not breast feeding. So much that she made me very uncomfortable. Now I think that if you breastfeed then you are awesome! You have done something so wonderful for your child!! My BFF was the champion at it and I admire her for that. I just don't like being told that I am doing something wrong because I don't. My baby is happy and I think that is what matters the most. Anyway, before this turns into a breastfeeding V. bottlefeeding thing my real question is- Should I say something to her about how she made me feel? OR Should I just not be friends with someone that made me feel that way and avoid her? I am a super chickenshit when it comes to confronting this friend and I have no idea why. Maybe the real issue is that I need to get a backbone :)

Some serious stuff for a Friday-don't ya think :)