Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Housewife Shuffle

Today as I was doing my "morning time things" I realized that I do almost the same thing every morning that it could be a dance routine. I would call it "The Housewife Shuffle" because I am shuffling around my house in slippers and a robe. I think that it might go great to the tune of "Canned Heat" By Jamiroquai because it has got a beat and you can dance to it :) So my dance would go something like this:

-Shuffle to the sink. Make a bottle and shake it up
-Dance my way to the chair. Feed the baby. Pat to the beat to burp her.
-Get up on my feet-. Sway my hips to the music as I am trying to get the baby to go back to sleep.
-Dance my way to the fridge. Kick my feet as I make a sippy cup for Julia.
-Do pelvic thrusts as I wait for her waffle to cook
-Dance my way up the stairs and do disco movements as I making the beds.
-Shake my booty as I am loading laundry into the washer.
-Stop for a dance break in between cleaning up last nights toys and collecting dirty clothes.
-Dance my way back down the stairs, pausing for a dramatic grabbing of the banister and striking a pose.
-Shuffle my way to the coffee maker, shake up the creamer, and one last booty shake as I sit down. End of song :)

Is that hot or what??? I bet I look hot doing it :)

What would your "Housewife Shuffle" song be??