Monday, April 17, 2006


I didn't have a name for this post that didn't involve a bad word so I thought I would just call it the lamest day of the week. As you can see I am in a fabulous mood :) We had a very busy weekend with no real down time and the Hubby and I are paying for it today. We had a birthday party for Julia at our local bowling alley which turned out to be awesome, but then that also meant a kid with no nap, hyped up on sugar for the rest of the day. Then yesterday the Greatest In-laws in the World came over for Easter, which also meant a kid with no nap all hyped up on sugar. I think that Julia finally calmed down around 7:30 last night. Up till then it was just a lot of aggravation. Unfortunately, I am starting to see the effect of the new baby on her and it is not fun at all. I do feel very sorry for her, but at the same time I miss my sweet little girl I once knew. I can't really blame her either- this is hard for all of us. Luckily the Hubby and I had a talk last night and I feel much better. Sometimes though I wish I could get in the car and drive away- isn't that terrible??


I almost forgot- the baby has thrush too. Aren't I just a ball full of happiness today? :)