Thursday, April 20, 2006

Alright I Will Play

I was tagged (along with everyone in the blog world) by NaeNae in NC. So here are the 6 Random Things About Me:

1- I have the longest second toe of anyone I know. It is almost like a finger. Someone told me that meant I would be the head of my household. Well according to me that is true. I wish that I could learn to flip people off with it because I could do it secretly and they wouldn't know :)

2- I bet I have seen every single episode of "Beverly Hills 90210" at least 50 times. I can tell you within the first 10 seconds of the show which episode it is. I still to this day have a thing for Luke Perry :)

3- Sometimes when I am cooking I pretend that I am doing my own cooking show. I will have a dialogue in my head like I am telling someone how to prepare the meal. I bet I look really dumb when I do this.

4- I sing all the time, yet I make up the words to most songs. Sometimes they are nice songs, but most of the time there are some bad words thrown in there. Of course I have to watch my mouth with a 4 year old because I would die if she went to school singing something I said.

5- I went to the same school district since I was in preschool. So I graduated high school with people that I had known since I was 3. I still have 4 friends that I talk to that I have known since 5 grade.

6- I have a v-neck t-shirt fetish. I bet I own one in every color. It gets to where I buy about 10 of them every 6 months or so because I wear them all the time. Old Navy has great deals on them right now (2 for $10). I always have at least 2 black and 2 white because they go with everything.

Well that is it folks. Now you know how weird I am :)


Oh yeah I am not tagging anyone because it seems everyone has done this one already, but if you haven't feel free to play along. Let me know if you did.