Tuesday, April 25, 2006

6 Weeks

Someone told me that 6 weeks after having a baby is when your hormones peak and you can either feel better or worse. I am feeling a a tad bit better, but I could go with out the following statements that have come out of my husband's mouth this past week.

  1. "I think I am going to be late coming home tonight"
  2. "So what's for dinner?"
  3. "I think you forgot a couple of things at the grocery store"
  4. "Could you do me a favor and pick up my dry cleaning?"
  5. "So 6 weeks means we can have sex, right?"

I have answers to his questions and they involve either a bad word or just the middle finger. I am surprised that I still am married because I have been a tiny bit difficult. I love you honey- just give me another week and I should be on the right track :)