Monday, February 07, 2005

My Man

Here is a little story about the man I love :)

Jon and I met through my best friend Summer, who had dated him for a short time. Yes I know that is horrible that I dated my best friend's ex, but at the time things were different between her and I. Anyway, Jon is 11 years older than me, so when we met he was 31 and I was 20. We talked on the phone for about 3 weeks before we actually met. I feel like I got to know him that way and felt very comfortable with meeting him. Yes, he was older, but for some reason that did not bother me at all. He was the first person to ever treat me like an adult and not judge me for things that I did. When I knocked on his door the first time we met and he opened it, I knew that I would never be with another man for the rest of my life. We were together from that day on and 9 years later I love him even more. He is the best Daddy a girl could ask for and he is always there when I need him. I am so blessed to have this man as my husband :)

Today is Jon's 40th Birthday and he doesn't want anyone to make a big deal. I will make his favorite dinner and he will get his favorite cake, but I just wanted to let the blog world know how special he is. So Happy Birthday my dear Husband! I love you so much!