Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am Such a Cry Baby

Why oh Why does "Oprah" always have to make me cry? Today was one that I actually had to use a tissue to wipe my eyes. I just hate it when I am in a good mood, thinking everything is right in the world (well in my world at least) , and then I turn on the TV to find out that is not true. I also cry everytime I watch "Extreme Home Makeover".I mean those people have the crapest houses and the most moving stories that you have to cry when they see their new house for the first time. And if TBS shows "Somewhere in Time" one more time I am going to float away in my own tears! If you have never seen that movie- break out the tissues. You are going to need it :) Maybe I should really be crying over how much TV I watch and how it is affecting my emotions- right? :)

What TV shows or movies make you cry all the time??

Thanks for reading!