Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dirty Baby

This is Julia's "baby" as we call it in this house. My mom refers to it as "dirty baby" because that is what she is all the time. "Baby" was a gift from my Aunt Lori when Julia was born. She said she bought it because it was so soft (not anymore!). My MIL introduced "Baby" to Julia when she was about 6 months old. We were out of town and they were watching her and my MIL found baby in Julia's closet and gave it to her. Julia has carried "Baby" ever since.

As you can see from the picture above, "Baby" is pretty raggedy. This is her right after she has been sprayed with Spray and Wash, washed in hot water, and dried on high. She always comes out still dirty. We bought another doll just like it in case we lost her (and what a tragic day that will be) Julia has nic named the other doll "Blah Baby" and does not even touch it or look at it. We did lose baby once for about 4 hours after Julia shoved her into a corner behind her play kitchen. Jon and I were frantic as it became nap time and we could still not find her. Luckily, after tearing the place apart we found her and order was restored in the house.

Here is a pic to compare what Julia's doll used to look like. "Baby" and "Blah Baby"

"Baby" is also quite a traveler. She has been to Arizona, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. She has even been to Disneyland! She also gets the star treatment everyday since she is always held, gets chauffeured around by me, and gets to sleep in a queen sized bed. Let's just say "Baby" has got it made.

What did you or your child carry around and could not live without? I had a blanket, but it was never a live or die situation if I did not have it. I just hope that "Baby" never strays or leaves us for another family. I am not sure if Julia or I could take it :)

Thanks for reading!