Saturday, February 19, 2005


Do they let you sell your children on eBay? If not, then I will be taking bids on her later. Can I get $50?? I will even throw in her cute clothes I bought for her today. She also has a vast amounts of toys so you will not need to buy her anything! As you can see terrible almost 3's rears it's ugly head in my house today. She has managed to dump a whole thing of Gatorade on the floor, spit out the pretzels she didn't like on the coffee table, and she just came up to me and pulled my hair. At least she took a nap in her bed today instead of mine which she has taken habit of doing lately. Maybe I just need a drink (kinda liking that idea actually) I am sure things will be better tomorrow :)

Thanks for reading!


PS I better not get googled for drinking mothers or something :)