Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Itch

You know sometimes it is okay to get super personal with your blog-right?? I feel that I can tell you anything and you will help me with your words of wisdom. Well today is one of those posts. I have been feeling the "baby itch" for a couple of months now and I *think* I might be ready to have another child. I think Julia is at an age that she could handle having to share me with someone else and her behavior has improved so much since we are almost out of the terrible 2's. My husband seems ready too. He even set the crib back up so when we moved some stuff around so that he wouldn't have to do it in the future. The problem lies with me. I am going to sound totally selfish right now, but I like my life. I like that I get 2 days a week to myself so I can workout or do my errands. I like that Julia is becoming more independent and she can interact with me so much more. And I LOVE sleeping 8 hours a night :) I really do want to have another child, but what can I do to prepare myself for that again? Or is that even something that you don't prepare for you just do? Am I ever going to be ready?? Am I ever not going to be scared or selfish for that matter?? So I guess what I am asking is, what made you "ready" for another child? Or am I just thinking too much and I should just get over myself?