Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Our Trip

We had such an awesome time on our vacation! When we booked this trip back in December 2004, it was supposed to be my Grandma, Tom, my Mom, Jon, Julia, and I. Well a lot of things change in 9 months. Tom of course passed away, my grandma got really sick the week before we went and was not able to go, but my mom did come with us. That was the best thing ever! She was so helpful and we just laughed and hung out. She is such an awesome lady!

Anyway, there is really nothing much to tell. We swam all day, ate, took naps, shopped- that is about it. I was 20 the last time I was in Cabo so it was a total different experience this time around. There was no drinking or wild dancing at the bars :( But it was nice to have the time away and to enjoy my family. Here are some pics from the trip :)

This is our hotel- Dreams of Los Cabos

This is the view from our room. The beach looks very pretty, but is too dangerous for you to swim. They even have guards out there so that no one will even try.

Here is Jon, Julia, and pregnant me. I can not believe how big I look- yuck!

This is my favorite picture because it was taken after a morning of swimming and this was about 2 min after she hit the pillow. And yes my kid still has a damn binky :(

Today is finally a normal day and I look forward to taking the kid to school and doing my everyday stuff. Thanks for letting me share my photos. I hope everyone has a great day!