Friday, September 02, 2005

Getting my Hopes Up

Every morning I turn on the computer and check my MSN Messenger for my email. Sometimes it says I have like 16 new emails. I love it! Then I click on the link to check it and low and behold 15 out of 16 are all shitty junk emails. Ugh! I think I am loved and then I realized I am loved because I shop on the internet. The ones that piss me off the most are the emails that are from person in another country asking for your help to get their money for them. Yeah right! Just send me those 30% discount codes from Baby Style and I would be happy :)

I am officially 3 months pregnant today! Wanna know how I celebrated this morning? By puking up stomach acid! Yeah for me! Luckily though that was the first time I have done that in like almost 2 weeks so it is a lot better from before. Now if we can just get my face to some breaking out I would be fine :)

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! What are you doing?