Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Okay I kinda did a bad thing over the weekend and I didn't feel too bad about until now. I had said that we were attending a wedding of a friend on Saturday- well we ended up going. It was a nice ceremony and I did get to give the bride and groom our well wishes, but then we left before they started the buffet. Here is why I thought it was okay to leave 1) There was no assigned seating so it is not like anyone would know we weren't at our seats 2) The food was not a formal thing and was like a help yourself kind of deal. No waiters or anything- very casual. 3) It was our anniversary and Jon wanted to take me out to a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. The reason why I started to feel bad was because the bride emailed me this morning and said she was sorry for not getting to talk to me much and how did I enjoy myself. So I emailed her back and let her know that I thought she looked beautiful and thought the ceremony was lovely, but did not say anything about the food, band, etc. I guess my conscious got the best of me :)

Do you think that I should feel bad? and do you think I should ever tell her I left early? Does this story make any sense?