Friday, June 24, 2005

A True Housewife Dilemma

Julia goes to preschool 2 half days a week. I love the school and her teachers are great. This week she has painted both days she has been there. Now it is not like she is a little fashionista or anything, but I like to dress her cute, but both times she has come home with her clothes covered in paint. Now I am not very good when it comes to getting stains out and these are tough ones. Both outfits have paint stains on them (imagine even her socks) and I can not get them out after 4 washings. So my question for you is got any secret stain fighting tips and do you think that it would be bitchy of me to ask her teacher to put a smock on my kid when she is doing art?

Also- it is Friday so that is a reason to smile :)