Monday, June 13, 2005

$20 Bras and a Whole Lot of "Too Much Information"

Yesterday I went to Macy's and decided to get my boobs measured. I am pretty well endowed, but it's mostly from being over weight and having a child. So that means that I have to either order my bras on-line or drive about 40 min. to a Nordstrom to go pay $60 to buy a bra. Well yesterday I found out that I went down a cup size since losing weight. I was so excited because that means I could actually buy my bra anywhere and there were some with actual matching panties! Well I picked out 2 bras that were $30 a piece to which I thought was a good price considering what I normally paid more. When I checked out I found out they were on sale so I got them for $20 a piece! You would have thought I struck gold or something! I have had a tough couple of weeks with my diet so it just validated my effort which made me feel pretty good :)

Have you ever been measured for bras? Were you wearing the wrong size?

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Thanks for reading!