Thursday, December 30, 2004

Will We Ever Learn?

So the hubby has been coming home early this week since no one is in the office and the traffic from all the rain is horrible. It has been really nice since I took Julia out of preschool this week to help her get over her 18th (I am totally exaggerating, but it feels like that) cold this winter. And as of yesterday she finally has an appointment with the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doc to see if she need tubes in her ears. Thank god! So anyway, it is so nice to have him home so that I can take a break once and a while.

Last night we decided that we were going to attempt to have dinner in an actual restaurant. Yes folks, a place where they serve your food and pick up after you. Now that may not sound like a big deal, but when you have a 2 year old working on 40 min. of sleep in the afternoon, it is a HUGE deal. So the beginning of the meal was fine and Julia was somewhat well behaved. Then we our food came and as I am lifting the fork into my mouth, she lets out the scream heard around the world! My kid has one of those screams that actually rattles your eardrums and your ears ring for 5 minutes afterwards. After the scream she got underneath the table and took off running. My poor husband is in the middle of the restaurant running after our daughter. I of course pretend that I don't see the stares of those who don't have children and proceed to shove most of my dinner into my mouth in record time. Jon finally comes back to the table with Julia and she is crying. The waitress comes over with a box and says "Do you need a box?" a not so subtle hint that your kid is crazy and you need to leave. So Jon put his now cold food into the box and we leave. Will we ever learn that toddlers and restaurants don't mix? Will we ever learn that taking a toddler anywhere on when she has no nap is not a good thing? It was just a sad scene as my husband had to eat his dinner sitting at our kitchen table with no one to serve him or clean up afterwards. I guess it will be take out and home cooked meals for at least another 10 years! Then again I did find a new babysitter so maybe I need to be using her soon!

So please tell me if this ever gets better? I can only hope :) Thanks for reading!