Saturday, December 04, 2004

Pulling the Santa Card

So I think I have found the secret to disciplining a toddler- use Santa!! Julia was being a real menace today as we were putting up of all of our Christmas stuff. I have all of these special ornaments I have collected over the years and she kept getting into them. I know she is 2 and that is her job and everything, but after 50 times of saying "Don't touch that" and nothing works I had to get creative. So I said "If you touch that one more time I am going to call Santa and tell him you are not being good." She flipped out and didn't go near the ornaments again. So all afternoon I have been threatening to call Santa. I actually had to do it once and she cried "I am sorry, tell Santa I am a good girl" I should find someone in the family that I could call and pretend they are Santa on the phone. I am probably going scar her for life, but at least something worked for once!! Or I will live to regret when she brings it up at the table when we meet her future in-laws someday. I am just tired of saying "No" all the time and it not working. So thank you Santa Claus for allowing me to use you to control my 2 year old :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks for reading!