Monday, December 27, 2004

All Done

So I thought I would get rid of the Christmas design since it is over :( I am still cleaning up from it and refuse to take the tree down like the hubby wanted yesterday. Christmas takes forever to get here and then POOF it is gone. I guess that is what video camera are for so that you can relive your child face after they saw what Santa brought them. Oh well- there is always next year :)

There is are a couple things I learned this Christmas that I will have to change next year- 1) My kid is super spoiled! Being the only grandchild on one side and the first on another I can see that, but damn the kid is spoiled! Maybe I should be getting a start on having another child so there is another to shop for. I will have to work on that :) 2) I am never buying another toy again until I go though the stuff she has and give it to children who don't have any! There is too many in this house for one little person to play with. She is so getting socks and underwear next Christmas!

Well I hope that you all had a great holiday. What did you get? Let me know :)

Thanks for reading!