Friday, December 17, 2004

All Good

Things are much better round here. I took the kid to the doctor and she has yet another sinus infection, so I think that is why she had been so grumpy. I would be too! So after 2 days of yet another round of antibiotics, she is a different kid. Thank God! This week has been a little stressful with trying to get all of my stuff done so I won't have to do it in a rush next week. I think that the people at the grocery store are starting to recognize me since I have been in there at least 4 times this week. I am having my annual family Christmas party tomorrow and that is about 20 people. I guess now that us grandkids are older and have homes of our own we get to have the party. My cousin better have it next year because it is not fun cleaning, planning, and pulling off a party. I was actually on my hands and knees yesterday cleaning my banister! Aw the work of a housewife (or domestic engineer as I like to call it) is never done :)

I did notice one thing about cleaning yesterday and that is that I was not spent like I used to be afterwards. I think that my diet and exercise is really helping. I have gone down 2 sizes and I feel great! I have lost enough weight to where everyone notices now, especially my mother who is my worst critic. Of course I have some more to go, but I am the same weight I was before I got pregnant. I just wish I was the same weight I was when Jon and I started dating- I was so cute! Also I don't think that everlasting baby pooch is every going away. Good reminder though of what I have now :)

Well that is enough talking for me :) Hope everyone enjoys their Fridays! Thanks for reading.