Saturday, December 11, 2004

Date Night

I think I have mentioned before that my husband got a new job a couple of weeks ago. He loves it and the company he works for has really out done themselves. At his old job they never had any kind of Christmas party or really did nothing to boast moral in the company. Well last night we got the taste of the good life. Went to the company's annual Christmas party and I have never seen anything like it. It was at The Grove of Anaheim, which is a concert hall right by Disneyland. The entrance was like walking the red carpet at an awards show. There was food, drinks, ladies with candy, music, and TONS of people every where you turned. There are about 5,000 people that work for this company and I think that everyone plus a guest was there. They do this every year! I could not believe it! Needless to say we had a fabulous time and it made Jon feel like he made the right the choice in taking this job. Also when we got home the baby sitter was asleep with Julia on the couch and it was the cutest thing I ever saw. This was the first time we had this particular baby sitter and Julia loved her. Hopefully she will come back :)

Tonight I am going to make potato pancakes. We do not celebrate Hanukkah, but I thought maybe tonight we could bring out the spirit of it. Jon has never had potato pancakes before so I will introducing him into the world of pancakes with sour cream or applesauce. They are not in the diet plan either, but I have not really rewarded myself for losing weight so tonight I am going to eat :)

Well I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. Thanks for reading :)