Thursday, February 19, 2004

So I think I am getting sick, which would make the third time in 4 months! It is like my husband, Julia, and I just keep passing the cold back in forth to each other. And where I live it does not get cold enough to kill anything off, so the sick just sits around. We call it "The Circle of Sick" I take my daughter to a place called Gymboree twice and week and I think that she takes all the other kids germs home with her. Oh the joys of having a child :)

Very strangely excited to today to find that lemon oil gets soap scum off my glass shower doors. Also I have discovered the wonders of color safe bleach and what it does for your clothes. These are things that one may not take pleasure in knowing, but for me I love it!

Well I hope "Friends" is new tonight and that they kick someone good off "Survivor"- other than nothing really exciting to report. Off to do something cleaning before the kid wakes up!