Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So as you might know, I have a daughter who is almost 2 named Julia. I have always wanted a little girl so I could do things with her that I did as a child. The one thing I really wanted her to do is take dance lessons. Well I found a place that takes 18 months and up for lessons. Julia has been doing it for three months now. At the beginning she really liked it. Had no problems and seem to follow along pretty well, but lately that has all changed. Today the teacher told me that she is moving up all the other little girls into the next class except for mine because she needs to learn the rules of the class. Granted this is a class of 2 year olds and rules just seem silly, but I think it is more about learning structure which will be useful in the future. So the teacher is going to be giving Julia private lessons. So here are my thoughts about this whole thing:
1) I will pay the same price for the private lessons so maybe the one on one teaching is a good thing
2) Why my kid? Why can't see follow directions? And does that mean I am totally in for it in the future?
3) So silly of me to think that a 2 year old should and will follow directions
4) Oh no- total stage mom syndrome- I hope that I am not turning into that.
5) Maybe dance is not the place for her?

Okay so that is my kid and her dance class story. Other than that today has so far been okay. Haven't spent any money, which is a good thing when you are a stay at home mom. I also have not made any trips to Target which is an awesome thing when you are a stay at home mom. I do need to go to the grocery store, but that is unavoidable.

Anyway, hope today is good for all! Thanks for reading!