Monday, February 16, 2004

Happy Pres Day Everybody! Hopefully most of you had the day off and are relaxing! My husband is home today, which is always a nice treat. Of course when he is home, we tend to go out and spend money. Today's trip to Cost Co was no different. I am so sure we needed that 5 lb. bag of peanuts- don't we all??

Valentine's Day was awesome. First one we have had that didn't have a problem. I drank and little too much, but that is such a rare thing that I think I can get a away with it. I paid for it the next day so I learned my lesson. I think wine is a wolf in sheep's clothing- good going in, not so good coming out!

Okay so the one semi-interesting thing I saw today was on the Food Network. I was watching "Roker on the Road", which is a show that Al Roker hosts about food across America. Why does he host a food show when he can hardly eat a thing? Anyway they interviewed a women called Clare Crespo ( who is a food artist. She has this obsession with cupcakes and she made some pretty cool things like big cupcake pillows and a cupcake mobile for a baby. She also has a book- "The Secret Life of Food" Just something I thought was kinda fun.

Julia said the word "help" today and it was when she actually needed help. It is amazing to me when she catches on to stuff without any instruction. I think she might be getting too smart for me!

Well that is me for today. See how exciting my life is???? (yeah right)

Thanks for reading!