Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Return of Sick

Well Sick has managed to enter our house somehow. I swear I locked all the doors, washed all the hands, and sprayed Lysol everywhere- but with no luck. Hopefully this time Sick doesn't stay and party too long. The last time I was picking up after Sick for days! Sick did bring a very good friend with him this time, Whine, which I of course missed so much. Julia and Whine have been playing together all day and luckily they are now sound asleep :) Whine did prevent me from getting any food into my child today, but I told Whine to shove it when it came to cold medicine. So here I am, sitting with Sick in hopes that we can negotiate something so that he doesn't touch my husband. Because we all know that this house would be full of Whine and his buddies if that happens :)