Friday, May 05, 2006

The Sigh

Yesterday I took the girls to visit my grandma. Not a big deal- just a 45 min. drive to the oasis for 55+ people. The place where grandchildren visit, but are not seen or heard and golf carts is the typical mode of transportation. Anyway, we went to the clubhouse for lunch and for some reason I was so nervous. How was I going to entertain a 4 year old during lunch so she does not disturb the people there who were eating.? Normally I wouldn't care as much, but this is where 85 year old people come to eat and I would hate for Julia to release the scream of death. Well lunch went fine- no major incidents and she actually ate! So we got in the car to go back to GG's house and I let out this huge *SIGH*. That got me thinking that I will probably sigh like that for the rest of my life. It is the mom's sigh of relief. Good at a restaurant- sigh. Doctor says it is just a cold- sigh. Was good for the babysitter- sigh. Then I realized that when they are older the sighs will be because they are safe. Home from a party- sigh. First time alone driving in the car and home safe- sigh. Meeting the man of their dreams and I like him- HUGE sigh.

Having the baby smile at me in the middle of the night and Julia wake up and say "I love you Mommy."- that is the biggest and best sigh of my life :)


PS The baby slept through lunch- got to love that!!!