Friday, May 19, 2006

The Gym and a Life

This morning I am going back to the gym. I have been walking lately and decided that it is time for this big body of mine to get back into shape. I was doing so good before I got pregnant that I want that feeling back. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit- let's hope I get there :)

Yesterday I saved a life. I didn't realize I did till the hubby said that to me. I was at my friend Robin's house and she has a pool in her back yard. I was sitting watching Julia and her 4 year old Luke swim in the pool. Her other child, Jake, is 20 months old and he doesn't really like the pool so he just toddles around the yard. Jake walks past me and I think he stepped backwards, but before I knew it he fell into the pool! I jumped fully clothed into the pool to get him. It was so weird though because he didn't struggle or try to swim to the top- he just lied there and was starting to sink to the bottom. Imagine if I was not right there!! I got him out and he started to choke and cry. My heart was beating so fast and I start to shake a little. I am just glad that I was there and that I was paying attention :)

So that was my day of drama. The kids start swim lessons next week so hopefully they all learn a little water safety :)