Thursday, May 25, 2006


  1. I am the only one who really does not care about "American Idol"?? I mean I watched the first season and it was good, but by now you would think it is a little over done. I just think that there were better things on the TV than that :)
  2. I have not watched "Lost" yet and it is sitting on my TiVo. Please cross your fingers that both girls take a nap this afternoon so that I can sit and watch.
  3. Julia I think has turned a corner in her behavior. She has been such an angel the last week that I am a little scared. This is when I get used to her like this and then before I know it the demon child will make an appearance. I might as well eat it up while I can.
  4. I forgot that having a baby meant that you had to buy stuff for them all the time. Diapers, formula, bottle liners, etc. And I thought I would be using all of Julia's hammy downs, yet I think Samantha has worn maybe 2 outfits that are not new. Little girl clothes are the cutest so it is hard to resist.
  5. "The Children's Place" by the way is the best place for good, cheap, and cute clothes.
  6. Isn't this so random that I have lost your interest by now.
  7. Do you think that I will ever have a worthwhile post again??
  8. Okay I am done- thanks for reading!