Monday, March 06, 2006

The Three Things

I have come up with the only three acceptable things I want to hear out of my doctor's mouth today. If he comes up with something not on the list, I might just be on the news tonight for causing a riot outside of my OB's office.

1- "Oh you are 3 centimeters dilated. Time to get you to the hospital to have this baby."
2- "Oh your blood pressure is fine so you can come off of bed rest today if you want."
3- "You know you have been such a good patient that I am going to induce you no later than Friday."

So keep your fingers crossed he listens :) Oh god I hope he listens!!!


PS- I am so happy that the song form "Hustle and Flow" won for best song last night. I have been singing it ever since I saw the movie :)