Friday, March 24, 2006

Not Too Shabby

My friend Robin was kind enough to take my Weight Watchers scale out of my house while I was pregnant. Yesterday she decided to return it to me- thank you very much! Anyway, if you were a reader of this blog before I got pregnant, you would know that I had been on a diet for about 10 months and had lost 40 lbs. So when I got pregnant I went wild and started to eat, thus gaining the 30 lbs. I did :) Oh yes, I am the champion eater!! Well this morning I thought I would brave the scale and to my surprise I am only 7 lbs. more than I was when I got pregnant. I was shocked!! Can you really lose 23 lbs. in a week after having a baby?? Seems so strange. So today I am going to go through my clothes and get out of these sweats and see what fits me. Wish me some luck!!