Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday Randomness

Some thoughts for the day:

Alright God- it is the middle of November and it supposed to be 85 degrees here today. What happened to the coldness that I was so loving?? Please let whoever know that it is time for some fall here.

So tired of Paris Hilton I want to scream. Now they are saying her 24 caret diamond ring was fake. Well duh?? Only Elizabeth Taylor should be allowed to wear something so big. She did afterall marry 8 times- the woman deserves it :)

I have like 5 bags of clothes to go through before the baby comes. And you know when that will get done? The week before my due date :)

I miss sleeping on my stomach and I snore now.

I am wearing my Grandma's house coat she left here over the weekend and it smells like her. Man whoever knew that house coats were the bomb :)

Alright as you can tell I really have nothing to talk about. Hopefully you guys are more exciting.