Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving and Such

Well we had a pretty mellow turkey day. My grandma invited us to her country club for dinner and I jumped at the chance not to cook. I did make Jon a turkey dinner last Sunday so he did get his all time favorites. So we just ate, hung out, and ate some more. I didn't gain any weight last month, but I bet this month will be different. I am like in the apple pie, Sees candy phase of pregnancy right now. So we will see on Wednesday what the doctor says :)

I have a friend who was supposed to be induced yesterday with girl #3, but they were so busy at the hospital they turned her away. She is already a week late and she is so miserable. I actually heard her cry and she NEVER cries. They were going to try to get her in last night so I am hoping I get a phone call today with some good news. Keep your fingers crossed :)

Anyway, that is my oh so exciting life. Sorry this blog has a lack of stuff lately. Check out my blogroll- those girls always have the best things to say :)